Here's how it works:

Our store partners pay us a commission every time we send a buyer to their website. We use that commission to pay our members cash back every time they buy from one of our partner stores.

When you're ready to buy online, always visit as your first step.

1. Sign up for free

New Users: Sign up with your email address.

Existing Members: Please remember to log in before shopping.

2. Make an online purchase

  • Browse our store partners to find where you would like to shop.
  • Click the store you'd like to purchase from and you'll automatically be sent to their website.
  • Make your purchase on that store's website as you normally would.
  • You may use credit cards that offer rewards or cash back, coupon codes, and promo codes like you normally would. Our cash back is in addition to these.
  • Please make sure to have cookies enabled in your browser to properly track your order.

It's that simple!

3. Receive cash back!

When we receive confirmation from the store that the purchase is complete, we will credit your account with your pending commissions. Please allow 2 to 3 days for this process.

We will also credit your account with a one-time $5 sign-up bonus once you've made your first qualifying purchase.

You can choose to receive your payment by check, Paypal, or an Amazon gift card.

That's it!

Click the dot and start saving now!